(actually, yesterday was the day because this is being posted on tuesday but i wrote it on monday, ergo…)

I’ve settled on one of the projects I mentioned here and today is the day to make words. I’ve made a lot of words already, but not book words. Hand-written, notebook words of character backstory, and scenes, and locations, and plot points. (I’m going to write KM1, fyi.) I still don’t know where this is going to go, though one of the twists has been there from the genesis of the idea. It’s going to take me getting into the story to find more of the pieces.

Thinking about it, I worked the same way when writing romance. It’s just that there’s a lot more retcon that has to be done in suspense. Or at least in my suspense. I was two-thirds through RITE OF WRONGS before I decided one-hundred percent on the villain’s identity. I’d planned on another character, but that didn’t work out (so it’s funny to see readers say they figured out who the villain was when I didn’t even know at that point in the book).


I also cleared my plotting board. (Yes, I know, those boxes of office supplies have been there for ages. It’s on my list.)

Pictures of characters will be going up soon. Here’s the picture I’m using for KM. I’ll use colored Post-Its for the various plot lines, and see if I can turn this seed into a full-blown tree. Or this germ into a raging disease, heh. Every book is a journey, and it’s so very intimidating to take that first step. Even with 57 published stories in my suitcase, I’m not sure I’ve packed the right skills for this particular book. Stayed tuned, and see if I get there in one piece!

RITE OF WRONGS releases one week from today, woot! That means you still have time to enter the Goodreads giveaway sponsored by my publisher, Thomas & Mercer. It seems like I’ve been waiting ages for this one to come out, but I only finished the rewrites at the end of October. I’m just out of patience with the wait!