I have this weird thing about numbers. Call me crazy (because obviously this is mental) but I need things to end in the number 5. Or 0. So yesterday, when I was making some notes on projects I want to work on over the course of the year, I figured out that if I included yesterday, there were 240 days left in 2016 (214 days from June – December + 26 days left in May [including Friday] = 240). Which meant I needed to get started yesterday.

Because if I didn’t, I’d need to wait until Thursday, when the count was down to 235. (My husband can verify that I’m not exaggerating this behavior.) And since I already had 8 projects going, I wrote a couple hundred words on a new idea yesterday. This is why I really need to settle down and focus on one project. I think this bopping back and forth between stories is playing into, or worsening, my ADD. The 9 projects are coded as follows:

  • 4 suspense novels: MR2, HP1, D&M1, KM1
  • 2 romance novels: PB&J, R&R
  • 3 miscellaneous and not easily categorized ideas: RR (as opposed to R&R), IF2, B100.

Really, I should add one more and make it 10.

P.S. The thank you is for putting up with me while I test blog features at my new site.

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