It’s release day for RITE OF WRONGS, my first Detective Miriam Rome procedural thriller!

And what do we do on release day, you ask?

  1. Wake to the husband yelling that I never set up my Amazon Author Page for readers to follow.
  2. Get up, make coffee, climb the stairs to the office.
  3. Set up my Amazon Author Page for readers to follow. You can do that here.
  4. Do some social media promo.
  5. Return to the kitchen, finish coffee, get dressed.
  6. Drag the husband out for brunch.
  7. Discuss options for future story arcs over my gigantic pancake.
  8. Head to the pharmacy.
  9. Head to the dry cleaners.
  10. Head to the bank.
  11. Come home and check the tomatoes.
  12. Take a nap.

Like I sad. Complete madness.

I really am excited that RITE OF WRONGS is finally here. I sent the opening scene to my daughter on 06/18/09 to see if it would disturb her too much to read. I wrote eight other books before getting back to working on Miriam’s story. It had a lot of time to percolate, and the end result bears almost no resemblance to the original plan. But that’s how these things work. And I’m very happy about how it turned out. I hope you all enjoy it!