I don’t know why, when I watch no U.S. network crime shows, that I can’t get enough of foreign productions. The Acorn TV subscription available through Amazon Prime (and other devices) is making it hard not to sit and watch for hours at a time. I’m actually pretty good. I don’t start watching anything until dinner time, usually while I’m eating, and while the hubs is watching old movies or Comet TV.

This past week I watched four episodes of Chasing Shadows and three episodes of Black Work. The week before I watched six episodes of Thorne (though I think that was on Netflix, and not Acorn). Those were based on two of Mark Billingham’s early novels, Sleepyhead and Scaredycat (which I haven’t read) and had me pre-ordering his newest, Die of Shame. I also watched one episode of Jack Irish adapted from Peter Temple’s novels.

Another one I really enjoyed was Brokenwood Mysteries, which is supposed to have another season soon. I still have the second seasons of Happy Valley and Hinterland to watch on Netflix. I’m saving them to reward myself with, though for what I don’t know. And I have several shows on my watch list to check out. I have no idea why I love these shows so much when I have no patience with most of the ones produced here, unless it’s just the different setting, the unknown and unfamiliar. Anyone have any favorites?