Got all my characters figured out per Sunday’s post, and put into a Scapple brainstorming file. I’ve played with Scapple in the past (it’s made by Literature and Latte who are responsible for the brilliance that is Scrivener) but this is the first time I’ve worked out some complicated character relationships and cast the whole crew. I wrote the book’s first chapter on Monday, so yay for holidays! (Ha! I don’t know what a holiday is!) And, yes, I blurred out all the text because it’s way too soon to give anything away. I don’t even know most of what’s going to happen yet, but the more I write, the more ideas I have… which is why I’m off to concentrate on the words until I have a really good handle on this one! This has been one of those rare stories that is just unloading itself on me, and I don’t want to miss any tidbits because I’m distracted elsewhere. Hopefully, getting down the bones won’t take long!