Taking a cue from author Mel Scott (http://blog.mjscott.net/2017/04/09/digital-detox/), I’m doing a digital detox for the rest of the month beginning tomorrow. That’s only ten days, and since I’m not online much anyway, I doubt anyone will miss me, ha! Basically, I’m doing this to clear my headspace.

(Also read author Scarlett Cole’s blog here: http://www.scarlettcole.com/blog/diaryofadigitaldetox).

For me, this means no social media, especially since I use social media as a procrastination tool.

I’ll still check email a couple of times a day, but not thirty.

I’ll still read on my ereader because my eyesight requires the backlight.

I’ll still stream my TV shows, because I watch everything on my Kindle Fire with headphones.

I’ll still be available on Hangouts for those who chat with me there.

But I will not be tethered to my phone 24/7 the way I am now.

I will not obsess over book rankings and haunt Author Central.

I will not open 57 articles to read later and keep those tabs open bogging down my phone’s memory.

No Words with Friends.

No ::sob:: Pokemon Go.

I’m planning to use the time to get a better handle on the book I’m 30% into (according to my Word Tracker spreadsheet) as well as finish reading and editing a few backlist titles I’ve been sitting on for months.

Stupid stupid stupid. Spending time online instead of on work.

So… bye!

(Detoxing on 4/20. Heh.)