Today I’m digging around in Google Images looking for the people who will star in the book I’m writing next. And guess what? It’s not the book I’d decided on a couple of weeks ago! That one will eventually be written, but circumstances dictate change, ergo, I’ve changed! I’m super excited about this one, and even more scared by it, which is supposed to be a good thing, right? Falling down the rabbit hole and trusting I’ll land safely?

This book is complicated. The character relationships in the past are not the character relationships of the present, and as I get started, I’m having trouble keeping up with who is where now, and who was where then.

I rarely use photos of actors, but this time I am, because one of the characters has come to me so strongly as someone I’ve recently watched in two BBC shows. And because he’s not been on my radar for years as better known actors, I only know him as these fictional people, and his demeanor is exactly what I’m looking for.

The biggest problem I see myself having is structuring the book. The past plays a major role in the present plot, but I can’t reveal anything too soon or the suspense will be ruined. I’m going to have to think on this a bit, because even though I’ve pictured two opening scenes, I think both are too revelatory and that won’t work!

So today is a head down THINKING work day. The husband is doing the same in his office. He took black dog to the beach yesterday and romped in the surf and freed his brain and came up with a direction he’s excited about for a section of the story that had been giving him trouble. It’s such fun knowing he now suffers my same ills!