This is part of a Goodreads review for RITE OF WRONGS. I’m not quoting the whole thing because there are some plot points that for me as a reader would be spoilers (but I’m the one who won’t enter a movie if the previews have started…); I like to learn everything as I read or watch. I hate knowing what’s coming.

“It reminds me of the wildly popular Patricia Cornwell’s early Kay Scarpetta, Alex Kava’s Maggie O’Dell and Kathy Reich’s emotionally dysfunctional Temperance Brennan. As with those characters, the lead is very involved in her work, which wreaks havoc with her personal life, and which, in this case, becomes the main story. While the plot is interesting, so much so that I finished the book, I really didn’t care for the tortured lead characters or the universally dark, depressing family dynamics and relationships. But if you like the above authors, there’s a good chance you will like this one as well.”

I LOVE this review because I LOVE tortured lead characters. In fact, I mentioned some of my favorites in the book’s acknowledgements. Watching these particular female law enforcement officers, and reading about others is a big part of what drew me to writing Miriam as I did.

Another Goodreads review says: There is nothing to suggest it, but I would LOVE to see this develop into a series. So would I! It’s always been my plan to write more of Miriam and crew, so come Tuesday, GO FORTH AND BUY! You’ll want a copy, and I’m sure you have friends who’ll want copies, and there’s nothing wrong with having a backup copy, or a digital, print, and audio version, right? So let’s do this! GO GO MIRIAM ROME!