Walt Stone and Mica Stone write the speculative fiction, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, Earth-based stories of THE CLEARSKY CHRONICLES, the first book of which is ICEFALL. He likes drones. She likes owls. They somehow ended up being owned by too many dogs and REALLY too many cats.

There were multiple personalities involved in the creation of THE CLEARSKY CHRONICLES world. In addition to the input provided by the developmental and copy editors, and early beta readers, there was that of the storyteller, the writer, the author, and the wordsmith.

Walt and Mica shared those duties.

See, in 2007, Mica started a story about the end of the world as we know it. With dragons. (Mica buys into almost anything. Like The Walking Dead.) She shared the idea with Walt, and instead of the feedback she wanted, he gave her an entirely new idea. (Walt likes to be able to suspend his disbelief, which doesn’t extend to zombies, or dragons. Don’t eat the help!)

Mica wrote an opening scene for this new idea. It’s still there, but little of her original version exists. (Because she is the wordsmith, she mourns the loss of those beautiful words.) But said words didn’t make sense in the new story’s logic. (Walt is very logical. Also, the storyteller.)

In 2011, they spent a long road trip to Florida plotting. In 2013, they spent a week’s vacation at Padre Island world-building and plotting. Mica wrote more words. Walt deleted many of those, too. Eventually, Walt took over the writing. And Mica (the author, with over fifty works published under another name) came behind him and cleaned up. This went on for almost two years.

Walt is a petroleum geologist, so had oil to find, and wrote in his spare time. Mica is an author and had deadlines to meet, so rewrote in hers. They argued a lot. Many times with margaritas in the hot tub. (It’s where most of their best ideas were born.) They sent the first book for developmental editing, which was followed by much rewriting and new writing. Then they sent the book for copy editing, then added even more story elements (and sadly may have introduced a mistake or two in grammar and certainly in punctuation, apologies). Many months later, after MORE beta reading and proofreading, and giving free artistic rein to an amazing cover designer, ICEFALL was done.

And yet… the plotting and the world-building continue. New characters appear. New relationships are forged. New twists make themselves known. Stay tuned (through their newsletter) for the rest of the story…