Last week (maybe?) I went with the husband to Costco. He usually does the Costco shopping because he mostly gets the things we buy there regularly, dog and cat food being the big ticket items. And salmon. And chicken. And bottled water. (Yeah, this list isn’t going to stop anytime soon.)

Anyhow, I rarely go because I want to buy ALL THE THINGS, and he’s shaking his head since we don’t need them. This trip, however, he was looking at cargo shorts, so WHEEEE! I took off with the basket. Pot roast! Pickles! Blueberry muffins! Which, if you shop at Costco, you know are HUGE, and also, you have to buy a dozen. I bought 6 blueberry, and 6 almond poppyseed, and promptly froze most.

Frozen muffins slice beautifully. No crumbling mess. I was curious about this because I wanted French toast for breakfast, but the only bread we had was sourdough, and while it’s my fave for grilled cheese, I wasn’t so sure about putting syrup on it. Turns out, frozen muffins also fry up great!

The husband came behind me to make his own because he doesn’t do cinnamon with his French toast. (“Putting cinnamon on eggs is like drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth.)

That said, they were WAY too sweet. Like cake. Which isn’t much different than donuts or pastries, I suppose. But I’ll stick to bread. Also, I could only eat three of the muffin’s five slices. Those muffins are obscenely huge!

Anyone else have French toast opinions? Cinnamon? Type of bread?