Where emotions run wild… Where desire breaks free…

Alison Kent’s Dalton Gang trilogy is a different kind of western. Its members, Boone Mitchell, Dax Campbell, and Casper Jayne, aren’t the typical cowboys with hearts of gold. They may be elusive and sexy in that irresistible way, but they’re also rough, not easy to be around, and have legitimately dark pasts littered with secrets, abuse, and abandonment. It’s no surprise that when they all return to no-man’s-land Crow Hill, Texas, to inherit a ranch together that these men have more than tongues wagging as a result. -Tiffany Tyer, Heroes and Heartbreakers


Berkley Heat
The Dalton Gang #1


There was a time when Crow Hill, Texas’s notorious Dalton Gang ran wild. Now, as owners of the Dalton Ranch, their partnership in the rundown operation leaves little time for raising hell—except for the right women who can turn on the heat…

It’s been sixteen years since Dax Campbell set foot in Crow Hill—and sixteen years since Arwen Poole had a crush on him in high school. Unfortunately, setting her sights on this irresistible man again has stirred up a lot of unfulfilled desires in Arwen. A few nights in bed with Dax should get him out of her system once and for all. That’s all she wants. And for now, that’s all she needs.

But Dax is looking for something deeper in a woman. So they agree to an unconventional affair: for every no-strings sexual encounter Arwen craves, Dax gets to take her out for a night of romance. While both manage to hold up their end of the bargain, they’re growing closer than either of them can afford. Because Dax has a family secret that could drive him out of Crow Hill for good, and Arwen’s not letting him go without a fight…

“First, let me confirm that Alison Kent’s story of the residents of Crow Hill is every bit as HOT as the smoking hot book cover. I’m talking sizzling, ride’ em cowboy hot goodness and by page 24 I wondered if I needed to drink or soak myself in ice water… This was my first novel by Alison Kent and I am excited by not only the erotic heat she ignites in her characters but her ability to tell an emotionally, riveting story of the characters and their lives in the Texas town of Crow Hill. “Undeniable” is an excellent start to the Dalton Gang series and I look forward to Casper’s story, “Unbreakable.” –Fiction Vixen


Berkley Heat
The Dalton Gang #2

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The notorious Dalton Gang once ran wild through their home town of Crow Hill, Texas. Now they own the run-down Dalton Ranch—and they work hard to keep it up. But when the right women come along, they still know how to play hard too…

Casper Jayne turned his back on Crow Hill nearly 20 years ago for a career in the professional bull riding circuit. Now he’s back—and Faith Mitchell is having a tough time thinking about anything else. She’s had a crush on him since high school, when he was part of her brother’s gang—and off limits. Since then, Faith has learned not to take risks. And Casper’s reckless, hard-living ways are causing her to think twice about trying to make the fantasies she has for this powerfully physical man come true.

Casper said he’d wait for a sign—but Faith is determined not to give him the satisfaction. Then an unexpected encounter finally penetrates her reserve, and the two of them ignite an intense passion. Faith finds herself holding on for a wild ride that breaks all the rules. But when the hot affair burns out of control, Faith will have to learn to take the reins…

“Alison Kent’s Dalton Gang trilogy is one of the best-kept secrets in the erotic western genre, and Casper and Faith’s story is a big reason why.” -Heroes and Heartbreakers


Berkley Heat
The Dalton Gang #3

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The infamous Dalton Gang was once known for riding—and playing—hard. Now, as owners of the Dalton Ranch in Crow Hill, Texas, they’re working from sunup to sundown. But one look from the right woman can tempt them back into the saddle…

When a walk on the wild side turned into a nightmare for Everly Grant, she escaped her abusive ex by taking a job with Crow Hill’s small newspaper. Now assigned to write a human-interest story on the return of the Dalton Gang, she soon discovers that Boone Mitchell could give her plenty more than a good interview. As much as she craves safety, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to Boone’s dangerous streak. Before she takes the cowboy to bed, she lays down the law: There are no strings attached, and she’s the one in charge.

That’s fine for Boone. In fact, Everly teaches him things no other woman ever dared. Soon they find themselves wanting more than their simple arrangement will allow. But to get there, Everly will have to open up in ways she thought she never could…

Winner of the 2014 Greater Detroit RWA BOOKSELLERS’ BEST AWARD in erotic romance!

“This, folks, is a fine example of erotic romance, with the emphasis on romance.” -RT Book Reviews

boots under her bed

a Dalton Gang novella in the
Berkley historical anthology

When runaway New York socialite Maeve Daugherty joins her father’s bodyguard Zeb Crow on his personal mission of revenge, what was a slightly scandalous new life as a bookkeeper for an infamous San Antonio brothel becomes downright dangerous. But that’s not stopping Maeve from having the time of her life.

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“This excellent, action-packed anthology from some of the genre’s favorite writers should please fans and garner new ones.” -Library Journal

“Running away from her life in New York to work as a bookkeeper in a Texas bordello is tame compared to joining up with her father’s bodyguard, Zeb Crow, on his quest for vengeance, but Kent’s Maeve Daugherty is happy to become “The Hired Gun’s Heiress” and experience the most dangerous and romantic time of her life.” RT Book Reviews

twenty-one hours

a Dalton Gang short story
originally published in

Teri Stokes arrives in Crow Hill, Texas to help her parents pack up in advance of an approaching wildfire, only to find the one person she never wanted to see again, Navy SEAL Shane Gregor, in charge of the firefighting volunteers.

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“I loved this story. It was short and sweet very well written. A.”  -MinnChica, The Book Pushers

“Alison Kent’s TWENTY-ONE HOURS proved to be … a well-crafted emotional story about forgiveness and love.” -Lea Franczak, USA TODAY, Happy Ever After