Dear Walt, This getting up and writing to you has become a thing. I check my—sorry, our—book sales from the day before, see my Facebook ad spend, adjust accordingly, then look at my inbox and social media notifications while drinking my coffee. Sometimes I...

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Dear Walt, I have to go to Home Depot today. Not only that, I have to go to Home Depot tomorrow. One the website tells me is 9.38 miles away because our local one does not have the last closet door we need. I also have to get the oil changed in your truck...

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Dear Walt, Yesterday I determined to have a good day. I posted a blog that was more upbeat, less depressing, yet the day was another one where the tears popped up at every turn. I am so effing frustrated over so many things. I think once I have the taxes...

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Dear Walt, There's a Guy Clark song, My Favorite Picture of You, that he wrote after the passing of his wife of forty years. She was a songwriter, as was he. I wonder if they shared an office, worked side by side, grabbing ideas from the ether at the same...

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Dear Walt, I'm tired. Right after December 21st happened, I had very little trouble sleeping. I wish that were still the case. I'm so exhausted because I'm starting to have weird dreams, and because I have to keep my door shut (I hate sleeping with the...

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Dear Walt, I've done a lot of adulting the last two days, most of it involving paint. And moulding to go beneath the granite top of the bar separating the living room and kitchen. And making an appointment with an attorney to settle all the things, most...

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Dear Walt, Death and taxes. Both are certain. As I was reminded so brutally four weeks ago when December 21st happened. I knew it, of course. I lost my brother unexpectedly in 1987. I lost my mother four months before I lost you. During our marriage, I...

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Dear Walt, A reader friend left me this quote from Sandra Cisneros's book Have You Seen Marie?: “In Mexico they say when someone you love dies, a part of you dies with them. But they forget to mention that a part of them is born in you — not immediately,...

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Dear Walt, I'm drinking good coffee and eating half a cinnamon raisin bagel with cinnamon pecan cream cheese and I'm thinking about you and how you made me come to love both. I'm sure I drank coffee before you but not good coffee, grinding our own beans....

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Dear Walt, I feel like a kept woman. I get up to write and usually the coffee is already made and I may pour a bowl of cereal but soon after I'm asked if I need something to eat. My laundry is done for me, folded, put away. The dogs are walked though not...

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