Dear Walt, It's been a while since I've written though I talk to you daily, hourly, but I couldn't let today go by because it's been fifteen weeks since December 21st happened and you know how I am about fives. I used to save five dollar bills. And...

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Dear Walt, It's been a while since I've written to you. A couple of weeks at least. I still talk to you every day and I don't imagine that will ever stop. I change out which of your photos I talk to and that's fun, seeing your different expressions, all of...

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Dear Walt, I'm having a lot of stress and it's not good for me. I spent a stressful hour yesterday looking for an ENT doc who's close and on my insurance. It was one or the other though I finally narrowed it down so will call Monday for an appointment. My...

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Dear Walt, Today I decided to clean off your desk. Now I can't remember if I was looking for something in particular, a receipt perhaps, or if the mess was just getting to me; I hadn't touched it since December 21st happened and it made getting to your...

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Dear Walt, Today marks eight weeks since December 21st happened. They say not to make any major decisions for at least a year after a loss such as what I've suffered. I suppose they mean not selling the house or walking away from the house or burning the...

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Dear Walt, Today is Valentine's Day which to you and I meant nothing. I don't think we ever even wished each other a happy one. I'm quite sure you never brought me flowers. You may have given me candy. It was probably two years ago that you went to...

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Dear Walt, I was just doing a search in my Gmail and the last days of our Hangout chats came up. I scrolled through then got to the ? I sent you the morning of December 21st and stopped. I was throwing up in bed and needed help and you hadn't answered when...

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Dear Walt, Last night I ate ice cream in the hot tub. You and I did this together many times. Most often it was ice cream you'd made. Last night I was lucky there was a partial pint of store brand rocky road. A friend gifted us a new ice cream maker for...

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Dear Walt, It's been a while since I've written to you though I talk to you daily and rant to you daily and laugh daily as I tell you things and sob daily because I miss you every single second of every single day. Today marks seven weeks since December...

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Dear Walt, I fell apart—again—the last two days for no particular reason, for many particular reasons, for one reason after another, for all the reasons piling on. I got angry and you know why. And I think I was justified. I also got irritated. Another...

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