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Alison Kent delivers up sizzles and thrills, with characters so sexy they scorch the pages.

Tess Gerritsen

NYT bestselling author

I often read of or hear about authors who knew they were meant to tell stories from the time they left the crib. Me? I didn’t decide what I wanted to be when I grew up until I was thirty years old—and then sold my first book at thirty-four.

Like so many other authors, I was a voracious reader from day one, devouring everything from Nancy Drew to My Friend Flicka, which I remember sitting hovered over the heater vent in the kitchen floor to read while my father made his coffee.

I moved on to my mother’s Phyllis Whitney, Dorothy Eden, and Mary Stewart gothics before discovering my first true romances written by Lucy Walker and set in the Australian Outback. And then, at last, when I was 18 I found The Flame and the Flower. (My son almost spent his life as Brandon because of that, but I spared him and named him Casey instead!)

Why write romance? Because love stories have always been the books which have stayed with me. Father Ralph and Meggie Cleary. (I did name my daughter Megan after reading The Thorn Birds! Do you see a patterned here?) The aforementioned Brandon Birmingham and Heather Simmons. Wolf Mackenzie and Mary Potter.

Even more so, it’s because I love writing romance heroes. The men who sweep both heroines and readers off their feet—not to mention their authors, too!

I spent several years happily writing action-adventure romance for Kensington Brava, along with hot and sexy series romances for Harlequin Blaze. I’ve most recently written the Dalton Gang series of sexy cowboys for Berkley Heat, and the Hope Springs series of soft contemporary romances for Amazon Montlake.

As far as what’s next, that remains to be seen! At the moment, I’m writing speculative fiction with my husband, and procedural thrillers under my real name. But I’ll be back with more romance one day! Probably sooner than even I imagine!